category: Infographic Animation 
software: Audition, Illustrator, Photoshop & After Effects
description: I based my thesis project on raising awareness for systematic lupus. Even though I love pushing my limits and breaking boundaries, lupus is my biggest setback. My goal for this project was to give people with lupus—including myself, a format that they can turn to when trying to explain to others how unpredictable and difficult this chronic illness is. Lupus is a difficult to explain autoimmune disease that makes everyday life challenging and hard to live with. Motion graphics are a great format that can explain any subject visually and clearly while keeping the viewer engaged. An animated infographic  provides concise information in hopes of giving a better understanding and shining a light for everyone who has to battle with this disease.
Starting out for this project I wanted to voice and document everyone's stories, but no one I reached out to felt comfortable enough to talk about it. The lack of understanding can be difficult to bear, making it fearful to speak up. Therefore, I decided to be the voice for everyone. Lupus is Latin for wolf, for that reason the animation starts off with a running wolf. The substantial amount of purple represents the awareness color (May is lupus awareness month—wear purple!). The faint texture symbolizes the "invisibility" of the illness, many who have lupus appear healthy yet their body's are fighting an ugly war everyday. This was a long and difficult process because I have lupus. Even though there was much more I wish to do with this project, theres only so much I can provide but its at least the start of something greater.
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